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Immigration Law Firm with a Global Reach

Law Group International, LLC is a premier immigration law firm serving clients around the world. Whether you’re a traveler seeking a visa into the US, a visa holder vying for a green card, or a permanent resident trying to become a citizen, the Virginia immigration attorneys at Law Group International can provide you with the legal counsel you will need to achieve your goals.

Immigration law is notoriously complex. There are security concerns to be dealt with, language barriers overcome, regulations to be met, and endless piles of paperwork to be filled out and filed. Sometimes figuring out something as basic as which specific visa is appropriate for your situation can be a truly confusing headache. And the process doesn’t get any easier after that. Every immigration procedure has its own set of rules and processes that must be followed to the letter. Even a small mistake along the way such as forgetting to sign a document or missing an appointment can result in your application being thrown out or, in some situations, permanently denied.

A great way to protect yourself from immigration law headaches and ensure a positive outcome for your situation is to work with an experienced Virginia immigration lawyer. A knowledgeable lawyer with hands-on experience in immigration law can answer all of your questions, provide you with sound legal advice, assist you throughout the application process, and even argue on your behalf in Virginia immigration court if need be. The attorneys at Law Group International have worked with clients facing a full range of immigration issues — everything from obtaining a fiancé visa to fighting deportation. These lawyers have the know-how and legal experience necessary to help you get through your immigration process as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Law Group International Difference

Unlike other Virginia immigration lawyers, the professionals at Law Group International can provide clients with the resources of an international law firm while offering a level of personal service that you would expect at a boutique practice. Law Group International is based in the state Virginia, but the firm is also opening branches in Hamburg and Cairo to better serve international clients seeking visas or citizenship in the United States or other countries. The practice was founded by Attorney Khalid Shekib who personally immigrated to the United States as a refugee thirty years ago. Today, he helps clients handle their immigration concerns with a level of compassion and care that can only be provided by someone who has shared the same experiences. At Law Group International, clients are treated with individual attention and dedication. The firm’s immigration lawyers strive to provide close attention to detail, maximum availability, and a high level of transparency throughout each case. Every client is unique and deserving of legal counsel, and that is exactly what Law Group International strives to provide.

Comprehensive Immigration Services

Law Group International is fully equipped to help people around the world obtain visas, green cards, naturalization, and asylum whenever possible. Visas allow foreigners to enter the United States for a set period of time without going through the more complicated and lengthy process of obtaining a green card or citizenship. Common visas include visitor visas, student visas, investor visas, H-1B visas, and L-1 visas. You can obtain a visa to oversee a business investment in the United States, or you can use a marriage visa to bring your foreign-born spouse into the country. There is a different visa for virtually every major reason for visiting a country, and a well-informed immigration law office can help you get the right visa for your situation in a timely, professional manner. Of course, working with a Virginia immigration attorney can’t guarantee that you will receive the visa that you need or that you’ll receive it as quickly as you’d like, but working with a lawyer can help ensure that your application process is handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Law Group International can also help immigrants to the US apply for permanent residency, naturalization, or asylum. Citizenship is difficult to obtain in the United States — yet another reason why it’s a good idea to work with an immigration law office to help ensure that no mistakes are made in your application and that the process moves forward according to schedule as much as possible. An immigration lawyer can also assist with adjustment of status as well as consular processing by working with your home embassy to secure permanent residency. Asylum cases and immigration removal defense can be provided by Law Group International, as well.

Why Choose Law Group International

Whether you’re interested in working in the USA for a short period of time or would like to move here indefinitely, Law Group International has the legal savvy and professional resources to help you achieve your goals. In addition to immigration law services, the firm also provides criminal, traffic, and DUI/DWI defense to residents of Virginia. With a complete range of services, attention to detail, and emphasis on personal care, Law Group International is the smart choice for your legal representation. Call today to learn more about the law office’s services or to set up a consultation with an attorney. The lawyers at Law Group International are happy to speak with clients after typical office hours and on Saturday if necessary as time is of the essence when dealing with immigration law. Law Group International is pleased to provide services in English, German, Farsi, Dari, and Spanish.

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