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Many immigrants dream of becoming full American citizens. They love this country and are proud to become a full citizen, able to enjoy all the rights and freedoms this country has to offer. In order to do this, an immigrant will need to take certain steps. An immigration attorney can help with the process and explain to a person just what they need to do to become a citizen.

The first step is to obtain a green card. This is a permanent resident card and, in almost all cases, is the first step to obtaining full citizenship. There are certain eligibility requirements a person will need to meet. These could be family based, employment based, or need based (such an asylum claim). Your specific circumstances will determine the avenue you need to take in order to obtain a green card.

Once you have this green card, there are further eligibility requirements which need to be met in order to obtain American citizenship. In most cases, a person will need to have been a permanent resident for five years with at least half this time spent physically present in the United States. Also, a person needs to have been continuously present in the country, meaning no absences of longer than six months at a time.

A person will also need to show “good moral character” while living in the United States. Generally this means that a person should not have been convicted of a crime. If you have been convicted of a crime, it is still possible for you to become a citizen but it may require the help of an experienced citizenship attorney who can assist with the process.

The candidate will also need to pass an English test and pass a test on American history and government. Since a citizen is expected to vote and take part in the democratic process, it is important for him or her to fully understand the American system of government. These tests show this person is fully capable to take part in our government.

If you have questions about your eligibility to become a citizen or have any immigration questions, Law Group International is here to help. Our experienced immigration attorneys have helped many people become full citizens of this country. We understand the deep sense of pride that comes with becoming a fully naturalized citizen and are proud to assist in this process. To learn more about becoming a citizen, contact Law Group International right away.