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The Virginia immigration lawyers at Law Group International have over fifteen years of combined experience helping people around the world come to America. The firm is dedicated to helping people of all different nationalities, cultures, and races achieve their travel and immigration goals with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

Law Group International understands that every individual case is important. Whether you're trying to bring your fiancé home or seeking refuge from an oppressive power, no case is too small or too large for the personal attention and dedication of the Virginia immigration attorneys at Law Group International.

The Founder

Khalid Shekib founded Law Group International and was himself a refugee. He and his family sought asylum in the United States from Afghanistan over thirty years ago. Because he has been through the long, difficult process of immigrating to America, he has a unique knowledge of the struggles that his clients are faced with in their cases. Rooted in compassion and solidarity, Attorney Shekib's immigrant background only increases his dedication to the people he serves.

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Why Work With an Immigration Attorney?

Many people try to handle their immigration matters on their own without the help of a Virginia immigration attorney. Choosing to work with or without a lawyer is every person's individual decision, but those who choose to navigate the process alone are in for an especially difficult battle. Tasks as seemingly straightforward as applying for a work visa can take weeks of research to understand and months to actually apply for.

If mistakes are made during the application process, requests are very likely denied - there aren't many second chances in immigration law. Time is also usually of the essence when applying for a visa, and applying for one without the guidance and support of a lawyer can lead to an excessively slow process.

With more significant immigration concerns such as obtaining a marriage visa or fighting deportation, it is especially important to seek the counsel of an immigration law office. Law Group International can ease these difficult processes and help improve your chance of success by providing sound legal advice, assisting with the necessary paperwork, negotiating with your embassy or consulate on your behalf when necessary, and arguing your case in immigration court when necessary.

In handling your case, Law Group International will strive to return every phone call and answer each of your questions in a timely manner. The lawyers at Law Group International are even available for Saturday appointments to help clients around the world achieve their goals. Service to the global community of travelers and immigrants, both at home and abroad, is first and foremost among the priorities of Law Group International.

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    Very patient & worked with us on the highest level.

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    “I’ve been a client of this firm for over 5 years, through multiple cases & transactions.”

    - Ahmed J.
    Responsive & a quality immigration attorney.

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    Extremely intelligent & cares about your case.

    “Do not hesitate to hire him.”

    - Raffey O.

Serving the Global Community

Law Group International works with clients around the globe - from Germany to Tanzania, from Bangladesh to Korea. No two clients are alike, nor are any two cases. With the company's strong experience in immigration law, Law Group International has been able to help people from virtually every country obtain visas, green cards, or citizenship in the United States. Founded in Virginia, Law Group International hopes to reach out to even more people around the globe by opening new offices in Hamburg, Germany, and Cairo, Egypt. Law Group International is also dedicated to helping people from as many cultures as possible by offering services in a number of languages. Languages currently spoken by Law Group International attorneys include English, Farsi, Dari, and Spanish.

Find out what makes Law Group International the immigration law firm of choice by calling today to schedule a consultation. A knowledgeable lawyer will answer your questions and give you the direction you'll need to achieve your immigration goals.

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